Machete Crunk History

Machete Crunk formed in the Regency area of Jacksonville, FL in 1998 with the founding of Kiloskree, a completely electronic techno project, by DJ Cifrah and Holtron. Contributor and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Hekki joined the collective shortly thereafter and was instrumental in defining the sound of the early years.

Highlights of the group's experiences include DJ and noise sessions at raves and parties all across Jacksonville, jams with dozens of Florida's most talented musicians, rappers, and producers from all genres, and running a free internet radio station for over 3 years consisting solely of Machete Crunk artist's music, collaborations, and the works of our partners and crew.

Machete Crunk's development can be traced through the different studios that were performed in. From a single computer with a busted DJ mixer in Cifrah's apartment bedroom to having two fully-equipped project studios in two different states, the project really began to take shape at Duke Studios in the Lakewood section of Jacksonville, which will always have special meaning. Following the departure from Duke Studios and unsuccessful bids by DJ Cifrah to completely rebuild his studio, the group suffered a couple of severe setbacks with therelocation of Cifrah to Yulee in 2001 and long-term relocation of Holtron to Nashville in 2004. New processes were developed, more frequent travel plans booked, and the songs being written are in fact stronger than before.

Twelve years and over a thousand songs later, Machete Crunk is getting ready to do some bigger things.

On October 3, 2010, please join us in welcoming the first Kiloskree full-length album.

In the fall of 2010, Kiloskree hopes to play a short tour of the southeast USA, including Jacksonville, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, and Nashville.

Machete Crunk artists include Kiloskree, Kilodub, DJ Cifrah, Last Parameter.

Collaborating rappers include BWilson and Jaxx. Collaborating engineers include Alan Kepner, Ryan E. Reid, Adam Stanney, and Brad Wilson.

DJ Cifrah (b. 1979, Bunnell, FL) is the founding father of MCR and a founding member of Kiloskree. Cifrah is responsible for all of the studio engineering and recording processes, as well as the curator of MacLay Studio . He plas the hass guitar, keys, Technics 1200s, MIDI of all kinds, mixers, and all the drum machines.

Holtron (b. 1977, Jacksonville FL) is the guiding spirit of Machete Crunk and Kiloskree. Without his punk rock industrial spark, neither of the bands would have ignited. Holtron is the master sampler and the arbiter of all things good or not. He play the Yamaha RS7000, Yamaha SY-77, and Korg Electribes.