Friday, July 30, 2010

DJ CIFRAH - Solo album!

Ok guys so after years and years of planning, the script has flipped and DJ CIFRAH is dropping his solo album this fall. It's been five years in the making so far, needs some touch-ups and some guests to come lay down some tracks. Expect to see it before Halloween, or very close thereafter. Everyone who is getting one for free, you know who you are, make sure I have your e-mail address or get ready to come pick em up.

KILOSKREE is looking at a vinyl single w/ 4 tracks.

I am fortunate enough to have Alan Kepner (Dead Light Carnival, Obscurity, others) providing engineering assistance for the CIFRAH album. I have another highly-sought-after engineer and producer from the central Florida region that I hope to bring on as well, but negotiations are still underway.

Guest musicians for DJ CIFRAH will include Karl Williams, Jaxx, BWilson, and Tron.

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